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Do you belong to a club? We have some special offers exclusively for club members. If you're interested, feel free to contact us for more information.

Below you will see our different styles of yacht cradles. All are fully galvanised. The Boatowner Transportable' Cradles can be easily carried in an estate car and removed offsite if needed. Due to the modular design they can be extended to take larger yachts if necessary. The 'Stackable' range is designed for professional use. They are one piece cradles that pack flat and stack when not in use. The 'Ex Large' range is for yachts up to 85' overall length.

Boatowner Transportable Cradles

Boatyard Stackables Cradles

Extra Large Modular Cradles

Extra Large Cradles

Optional Extras

*Additional support arms may be needed.

We reserve the right to amend prices and/or specifications without notice. Please check with us before ordering.

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